How to Join

Interested in joining the coalition?

If you work for a multinational company that is committed to LGBT+ inclusion, we would love to discuss having your company join our coalition. Please email Drew Keller, our Global Program Director, at for more information.

Open For Business plays a unique role for global LGBT+ inclusion:

  1. Our work is focused on how companies can promote LGBT+ inclusion in society.

    We work as a coalition at the crux of how our coalition partners engage with the societies around them. Companies leading on LGBT+ inclusion understand that they have a role to societies they operate in. We are leaders in helping coalition partners take action and make their values real.

  2. We bring a new perspective to LGBT+ inclusion.

    Research into the economic and business case for LGBT+ inclusion is central to our work. Our reports are recognized as best-in-class and are useful tools in bringing new advocates for LGBT+ inclusion to the table.

  3. Our work is truly global.

    Our mission is to improve the lives of LGBT+ people around the world, which often focuses on the most challenging markets. As an organization, we focus most of our work on the Global South. We have worked across every major global region, including Latin America (Brazil and the Caribbean), Eastern Europe (Bulgaria and Hungary), Africa (South Africa and Kenya), Asia Pacific (India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan). Our strong global networks and on-the-ground knowledge enables us to help coalition partners make their commitment to LGBT+ inclusion truly global.

  4. We are well-respected and have high levels of access.

    Our coalition is made up of global companies that are leaders on LGBT+ inclusion. Because of our high-quality partners and research, we have opportunities to engage high-profile institutions on LGBT+ inclusion, such as the Vatican and the World Economic Forum.

  5. We have strong relationships with local NGOs and work with them extensively across the globe.

    Everywhere we work, we partner with local organizations to ensure our activities are in line with the goals of the local LGBT+ community. We follow the mantra “nothing about us, without us” and have developed strong partnerships globally.

  6. We are professional and action-oriented.   

    Every member of our team has worked in the private sector, including world-class companies such as McKinsey and Brunswick. We bring a similar level of professionalism, quality and results to our work on LGBT+ inclusion.