Special Focus

Our Special Focus reports expand on the economic and business case by providing in-depth analysis on certain regions, topics, or industries. The purpose of these reports is to provide targeted evidence for civil society leaders, business leaders, and others to make specific, high-impact arguments in support of LGBT+ inclusion.


Cities that are LGBT+ inclusive are better placed to develop their global competitiveness: evidence shows they have stronger “innovation ecosystems”, greater concentrations of skills and talent, and better quality of life. LGBT+ inclusive cities may be more likely to become globally integrated hubs for high value businesses. Released in January 2018 at Accenture’s LGBT+ Breakfast alongside the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Coming Soon

We have a number of Special Focus reports coming out in 2019.

  • The Economic and Business Case for LGBT+ Inclusion in Kenya: This report explores how Kenya’s economy and businesses can boost their performance by focusing on openness and LGBT+ inclusion. To launch in February 2019.

  • Acting in the Public Sphere: Produced in collaboration with the UN Free & Equal Campaign, this report builds on the Standards of Conduct the UN launched in 2017. Specifically, it identifies specific ways corporates can act in the public sphere to advance LGBT+ inclusion, with a focus on challenging countries. To launch at SXSW in March 2019.

  • Emerging Market Multinationals: This report expands on BCG’s Global Challengers report to identify ways in which the fastest growing multinationals headquartered in emerging markets gain a competitive advantage by focusing on LGBT+ inclusion. To launch in April 2019.