The Economic and Business Case for Marriage Equality and LGBT+ Inclusion in Taiwan

Businesses support the freedom to marry in Taiwan as an economic growth imperative

Evidence shows that open, inclusive and diverse societies are better for business and essential for economic growth and this is universally true for all companies and economies, including Taiwan. This report presents the evidence base that supports this: it demonstrates that marriage for same-sex couples would help Taiwan develop its economic competitiveness and facilitate an environment for companies to thrive. In particular, the freedom to marry and LGBT+ inclusion can help Taiwan:

  • Shift to high-value industries and foster innovation: Evidence shows that LGBT+ inclusive environments are better for innovation and entrepreneurship, attract higher levels of foreign direct investment and connect more easily with global market.

  • Slow the economic losses that may result from demographic shifts: Marriage equality will make it easier for companies to relocate and attract top talent to Taiwan and will reduce discrimination which could increase workforce productivity.

  • Help companies perform better as a result of their commitment to inclusion and diversity: Companies which are more LGBT+ inclusive are better able to attract and retain talent, have higher levels of innovation and collaboration, and have better financial performance.

Many companies in Taiwan are supportive of marriage equality and understand that a more LGBT+ inclusive Taiwan will be better for businesses and Taiwan’s overall economic growth. In November 2018, 27 companies issued a joint statement in support of marriage equality.

Marriage will be a strong step toward a more open and LGBT+ inclusive society, which is good for business and economic growth. The evidence base in this report supports the Executive Yuan’s proposed act to extend the freedom to marry to same-sex couples.