Our Story

Open For Business is a response by a number of leading global businesses to the growing backlash against LGBT+ inclusion in many parts of the world. Launched in 2015 at the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Summit, the coalition is already making an impact on LGBT+ inclusion globally.

Our Mission

The purpose of Open For Business is to advance LGBT+ rights globally. We are doing this in two ways. At an international level, we are building a consensus amongst the business community that anti-LGBT+ policies run counter to the interests of business and economic development. At a local level, we are creating advocates in the local business communities, strengthening local business voices by providing them with evidence and fact-based arguments.

Three core objectives follow from this: first, to construct and promote unique research perspectives on the economic and business case for LGBT+ inclusion; second, to catalyze a collective voice on LGBT+ inclusion from the global business community; and third, to facilitate local networks of senior business leaders to advance LGBT+ inclusion.

Business Action on LGBT+ Inclusive Societies

Our strategy to advance LGBT+ inclusion and create change focuses on the following three areas:


Construct and promote the economic and business case

The economic and business case for LGBT+ inclusion is central to the mission of Open For Business: the coalition published a report containing the most comprehensive evidence base linking LGBT+ inclusion to better economic performance. We continue to produce reports to give business leaders and civil society advocates with additional knowledge to advance LGBT+ inclusion.

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Catalyze a Global BUSINESS voice on LGBT+ inclusion

We work with our coalition partners and civil society partners to create a global consensus that LGBT+ inclusion is an economic and business issue. This helps build momentum for LGBT+ rights around the world and gives ground-cover to business leaders operating in difficult markets.

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mobilize local business leaders to advance lgbt+ inclusion

We also work with senior business leaders in difficult countries to create champions for LGBT+ inclusion. Even in countries with anti-LGBT+ policies there are senior business leaders who are neutral or sympathetic towards LGBT+ inclusion – and these are C-Suite executives. Positioning these senior leaders as powerful, quiet influencers in support of LGBT+ inclusion through the lens of economic growth has the potential to change societies

Our Endorsements

Open For Business has become known as an action-oriented coalition focused on challenging countries that produces high-impact research to drive the global conversation on LGBT+ inclusion. See civil society leaders and business leaders discussing our work below.