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Economic Performance

The evidence shows that open, inclusive and diverse societies are better for economic growth, and that discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity can damage long-term economic prospects.

Proposition 1: Competitiveness

LGBT+ inclusive economies are more competitive.

Proposition 2: Entrepreneurship

LGBT+ inclusion results in higher levels of entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation.

Proposition 3: Corruption

LGBT+ discrimination often goes hand-in-hand with corrupt practices and a lack of openness.

Proposition 4: Direct Investment

LGBT+ inclusion is associated with higher levels of direct investment.

Proposition 5: Global Markets

LGBT+ discrimination may inhibit local companies from connecting to global markets.

Proposition 6: Brain Drain

LGBT+ discrimination results in a “brain drain” – the emigration of talented and skilled individuals.

Proposition 7: Public Health

LGBT+ discrimination leads to negative economic consequences as a result of poor health outcomes.

Proposition 8: National Reputation

LGBT+ discrimination impacts perceptions on a world stage, which drive tourism, talent attraction and export markets for consumer goods.

Proposition 9: National Productivity

LGBT+ discrimination leads to lower levels of national productivity.

Proposition 10: Urban Economic Development

LGBT+ inclusion signals a diverse and creative environment, which creates the right conditions for urban economic development.

Proposition 11: National Economic Development

LGBT+ inclusive economies have higher levels of economic development.