We are focused on action-oriented programs that make a real impact for LGBT+ people.

Open For Business’s programs exist on two levels: globally and locally. Learn more about these programs below:

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Global influencer program

Our Global Influencer Program exists to create a collective global voice in support of LGBT+ inclusion as a business and economic development issue. We put the evidence base for LGBT+ inclusion on high-level platforms and work with senior leadership of our coalition partners to promote the economic case for LGBT+ inclusion with high-profile global institutions.

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Local influencer program

Our Local Influencer Programs build strong business support for LGBT+ inclusive societies in countries around the world. These programs begin by conducting country-specific research on the economic and business case for LGBT+ inclusion. This research is used to bring together business leaders to empower them to advance LGBT+ inclusion in society. We also connect coalition partners with civil society organizations around the world to build business support for ongoing campaigns supporting LGBT+ rights.

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