Special Focus

Our Special Focus reports expand on the economic and business case by providing in-depth analysis on certain regions, topics, or industries. The purpose of these reports is to provide targeted evidence for civil society leaders, business leaders, and others to make specific, high-impact arguments in support of LGBT+ inclusion.



Marriage for same-sex couples can help Taiwan develop its economic competitiveness and facilitate an environment for companies to thrive. Particularly, the freedom to marry and LGBT+ inclusion can help Taiwan to shift to high-value industries and foster innovation; slow the economic losses that may result from demographic shifts; and help companies perform better as a result of their commitment to inclusion and diversity.


Channels of Influence

Taking action on LGBT+ inclusion in the public sphere is difficult. These actions need to be responsible for the company’s brand, clients and employees and they need to be grounded in local realities of LGBT+ people on the ground. This report provides this guidance for action. The report’s framework identifies five Channels of Influence that companies can use to advance LGBT+ rights in every country they operate in.



LGBT+ inclusion is a key ingredient for sustained economic growth in Kenya. LGBT+ discrimination costs the country 1.7% of GDP per year, mainly through unequal health outcomes, inefficient allocation of human capital and lost tourism revenue. A focus on LGBT+ inclusion can boost Kenya’s cities, start-up ecosystems and help the country reach its Vision 2030 goals. Inclusive companies in Kenya also perform better, as evidence in the report shows.


Cities that are LGBT+ inclusive are better placed to develop their global competitiveness: evidence shows they have stronger “innovation ecosystems”, greater concentrations of skills and talent, and better quality of life. LGBT+ inclusive cities may be more likely to become globally integrated hubs for high value businesses. Released in January 2018 at Accenture’s LGBT+ Breakfast alongside the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Coming Soon

We have the following Special Focus reports coming out in 2019.

  • Emerging Market Multinationals: This report expands on BCG’s Global Challengers report to identify ways in which the fastest growing multinationals headquartered in emerging markets gain a competitive advantage by focusing on LGBT+ inclusion. To launch in May 2019.