Civil society organizations around the world voice the need for evidence on the business and economic case for LGBT + inclusion

We need businesses to push hard with these arguments. This is not a political question, it is a business question. We need to go beyond a human rights argument and beyond a human rights argument and beyond words like ‘inclusion’ and talk about the costs to businesses – and provide the evidence. In Singapore, we need the global companies more than they need us – they are in a strong position to make an argument.
— Jean Chong | Sayoni, Singapore

We need to make the business case for activism – how businesses can be part of leading social change. We need to start with quiet and gradual change in companies’ internal policies, and this will will activate the social dimension: people to people contact… in this way we will engage more people in the movement for equality.
— Anastasia Smirnova | LGBT+ activist, Russia

We must impress upon the political class that (the re-criminalisation of homosexuality) has economic costs and business costs – we need empirical evidence, we need investment in research that can be robustly presented.
— Pallav Patankar | Humsafer Trust, India

There is a huge role for business and corporations to play. We need to open up spaces of acceptance – and the model of the US and UK businesses has been a good one. It is the right time to start to put these arguments on the table.
— Ifeanyi Orazulike | International Centre for Advocacy on the right to Health, Nigerial

Companies need to be visible on this issue. They shouldn’t be afraid of ‘coming out’ as a support of LGB&T+ issues – they can play an important role.
— Jej Perfeckcyjnosc | LGBT+ Business Forum Foundation, Poland.

Strengthening the economic case

The Open For Business report brings together a broad base of research undertaken from different perspectives and with different geographical foci, and identifies themes that are globally relevant. It is intended to set out the evidence that will empower those arguing against LGBT+ discrimination, wherever it exists in the world.