Local Influencer Program

We have worked with hundreds of business leaders around the world on building initiatives for LGBT+ inclusive societies. We know that there are C-suite leaders in truly challenging countries for LGBT+ inclusion who understand that inclusion is good for business. We work to provide them with first-rate research and a network of peers to enable them to take action for LGBT+ inclusive societies. Read more about our footprint and focus geographies below.

A Truly International Focus

Our coalition partners have operations in over 150 countries around the world. We use that geographic footprint to convene networks of business leaders, who then become empowered champions for LGBT+ inclusion. We have begun building action-oriented networks of business leaders challenging countries all over the world. In doing so, we have proven a safe and responsible model for businesses to begin engaging on LGBT+ inclusion in a truly global way.


Our coalition partners have convened local business leaders to discuss how to take action on LGBT+ inclusion in South Africa and Kenya. We have initiated a long-term program in Kenya to build research and create business champions for LGBT+ inclusion.

See more about our Kenya Program

Asia Pacific

We have worked with business leaders across Asia Pacific. Our coalition partners have had two roundtables of business leaders in Hong Kong, have built a self-sustaining network focused on disseminating LGBT+ inclusion best practices in Singapore, and partnered with the Economist and UNDP on Executive Dialogues in India.

We have partnered with the UNDP in Bangkok to create a regional program, focused on building research and business champions across Thailand, the Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, China and India.

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Eastern Europe

We have worked closely with our partner WeAreOpen, based in Budapest, to engage business leaders on LGBT+ inclusion in Hungary and Bulgaria. In 2018, we hosted a roundtable with Hungarian CEOs and WeAreOpen to add to our Acting in the Public Sphere research.

Latin America and the Caribbean

Our coalition partners have convened networks of business leaders in Brazil and tourism leaders in the Caribbean, most recently in Barbados.

Current Priority Geographies

Picture credit: Fiona Graham / WorldRemit

Picture credit: Fiona Graham / WorldRemit


Kenya has one of the most robust economies in Africa. It also still outlaws consensual same-sex acts. We are working with coalition partners in the region to present the economic rationale for being more LGBT+ inclusive and to create a business voice in support of openness and inclusion. Our Program Director based in Nairobi leads this program.



We are partnering with UNDP’s Being LGBTI in Asia Program to create a Local Influencer Program with a regional focus on Asia. In 2019, we will collaborate on a regional economic and business case and bring together initial networks of business executives in six priority countries: Thailand, the Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, China and India.